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The roots of Lutheranism in Holland began in the late 1800’s with the family of Anton Seif.  Mr. Seif, owner of the Holland City Brewery located at 10th Street and Maple Avenue, was a Catholic.  His wife, Friedrika (Anna), was a Lutheran.


Mrs. Seif, a Lutheran of German background, sought out other German speaking neighbors and friends in this predominately Dutch community who might worship together in each other’s homes.  Sometimes a visiting Evangelical pastor would lead the service, and other times a German professor from neighboring Hope College would officiate.  As the membership grew, this little congregation moved services into the YMCA Hall until finally they felt they should call a full-time pastor and establish a permanent church home.


Mrs. Seif persuaded her husband to purchase the property at 12th and Maple where a small but sturdy church was erected in 1888.  Since that time, a full century later, Zion Lutheran Church has grown to approximately 500 baptized members.  We are now located at 77 W. 32nd Street, a church home that provides daily opportunities for prayer, service and fellowship.


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