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Money Matters - Sermon Series

“Money Matters—We go to schools to become equipped to earn it. Then we spend the rest of our lives getting it. We invest countless hours in thought and discussion on how we’re going to handle it. We walk around shopping malls determining how we’re going to spend it. We get caught up worrying that we won’t have enough of it. We dream and scheme to figure out ways to acquire more of it. Arguments over it are the leading cause of marital disintegration, business partner breakups, and government shut- downs. The obsession with getting more of it destroys many lives. Its absence causes endless night- mares. Some call it the root of all evil. Others call it the means for great good. But we cannot afford to ignore the reality or the importance of money. Neither does St. Paul. The apostle’s most thorough teaching about money is in 2 Corinthians 8 and 9.

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