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Sanctuary Technology Upgrades

Zion is looking into the possibility of installing some technology upgrades in the sanctuary, and I want you all to know what is being considered. At our last meeting, Council agreed to explore the idea of adding some features to enhance worship and the study of God’s Word. More specifically, we are exploring the idea of installing screens, a new sound board, and cameras, making us able to post videos of sermons on our website, and even possibly stream Christmas or Easter services so that people who are away can watch them online. This is all in its infancy stages, which means we are looking at the possibilities and for what cost, and then Zion will have to vote whether or not to proceed. If you have feedback on this, I am happy to receive it. You can email me at ~Pastor Ryan Frequently Asked Questions What kind of technology upgrades are being considered?

Screens - either flat panel TV’s or projectors and screens. New soundboard. Cameras. Equipment to operate the new technology.

What would they be used for?

Mostly preaching. Showing pictures and images that illuminate God’s Word. Showing videos occasionally, such as the Bonhoeffer movie clips we watched during Lent. This is very cumbersome and prohibitive to do in our current setup. With cameras we can post videos of sermons, and stream special services so people who are away could join us online for Christmas or Easter.

Would the whole service be on screens?

No. That’s not part of the initial plan. We love using the hymnal in singing, as well as the ability to read music at the 11am service. But there are times when this option could be helpful.

Where would screens be put?

Zion’s sanctuary is beautiful, and it needs to remain beautiful. A main goal is to find a way to make them visible and helpful without being obtrusive or “in the way.”

What is the cost?

That is unknown yet, however, money has not been allocated in this year’s budget. If this is something you would like to specifically give towards, that would be very appreciated.