Advent is a season of waiting. God’s people had a lot of waiting to for God to fulfill His promises. Often God can seem to take His time, but God’s timing is good. This Advent we will take a brief look at the book of Isaiah, who spoke promises of God’s Messiah over 700 years before Jesus was born. Talk about waiting!


Called by God in 740 B.C., Isaiah begins one of the most challenging tasks in the bible: speaking for God. To be a prophet  means you often have to speak God’s whole message, not just what you like. Isaiah condemned the Israelites’ idolatry and oppression of the poor. In addition to speaking God’s Law, he was also given great words of promise and hope. Isaiah’s 66 chapters foretell both God’s judgment for His people’s sin, but also God’s comfort, deliverance, and hope. Isaiah contains many promises about God showing boundless grace, which are ultimately fulfilled in Jesus. I’m guessing some of the most familiar Christmas Bible passages to are actually from the Old Testament book of Isaiah.


This Advent we will take a brief look at some of Isaiah’s powerful words, what they meant as he first spoke them, how they’ve been fulfilled in Jesus, and how we might life in light of them.